Belconnen Block 2 Section 23

Former Belconnen Police Station and Remand Centre

Structural demolition of the former Belconnen Police and Remand Centre, on the corner of Lathlain and Cohen Streets, started at the end of January. It is anticipated to take approximately four months.

As a result there may be increased activity on site, and occasionally traffic may be temporarily disrupted at Cohen Street for very short periods while trucks and large machinery enter and exit the site. A Temporary Traffic Management Plan will limit the impact on surrounding streets. There may be some additional noise during demolition. We will monitor all impacts and take steps to keep disruptions to a minimum.

After the site is cleared the Land Development Agency (LDA) will offer it for sale in 2017/2018 for redevelopment. This will be subject to the Environment and Planning Directorate’s review of the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan.

To ensure public safety, the site will be fenced until the proposed development is completed.

Aerial view of Belconnen Block 2 Section 23 (map is indicative only)

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