Improving outcomes for public housing tenants

The ACT Government’s Public Housing Renewal Taskforce is delivering the biggest upgrade to Canberra’s ageing public housing since self-government in 1989. 

The program will improve outcomes for public housing tenants with more sustainable housing that better meets their needs.

Renewing Canberra’s public housing portfolio means that the ACT Government can: better support the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in our community; break down aggregations of disadvantage; and better integrate public housing and public housing tenants into the community.

The people of Canberra have a long history of supporting diversity and social inclusion, and that community support continues today. Recent survey results* indicate that more than seven out of 10 Canberrans want to see public housing in their neighbourhood, and two-thirds support the redevelopment of old stock. 

A minimum of 1,288 modern residences will replace multi-unit public housing complexes along Northbourne Avenue and in other areas of Canberra.

New homes will be constructed or purchased across the ACT, ranging from single dwellings to small developments of up to 30. The new properties will provide improved accommodation for those with a disability, allow ageing in place and provide opportunities for children to attend schools across Canberra.

This investment will see a greater level of social inclusion and equality. It will also boost economic activity by creating short-term and long-term jobs. Building the new homes will support more than 2,500 construction jobs.

The renewal program will mean that Canberra’s communities of the future will be sustainable – environmentally, socially and economically. Many of the redevelopment sites are located along major avenues, in the city and near key retail and commercial areas.

This reconstruction will transform Canberra’s public housing as well as our city’s public spaces and avenues. It will improve the 'look and feel' of the city for visitors and potential investors.