Doing business in our region

Business - Innovate Canberra
Innovate Canberra (formerly known as Innovation, Trade and Investment) is a service-focused area of the Directorate that provides a range of programs and support to the ACT business community.

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Invest Canberra is dedicated to growing an already competitive and sustainable ACT economy.  Free and impartial services open doors for businesses and help drive investment further by providing intelligence on the local market, fostering business connections and offering support through the investment decision and execution process.

Digital Canberra
The ACT Government is committed to capitalising on the opportunities of the digital age to drive economic growth, provide better services, and strengthen open government and citizen engagement. Building on the strong digital foundations of Canberra, the ACT Government in partnership with industry and the community.

Procurement and Capital Works
Procurement and Capital Works is  a part of the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (CMTEDD). It is comprised of six branches: three Infrastructure Procurement branches and Goods and Services Procurement branch, as well as Executive Support and Procurement Projects and Finance. The Infrastructure Procurement and Goods and Services Procurement branches are responsible for delivering procurement and tender services on behalf of the ACT Government. Infrastructure Procurement also advises on and implements procurement and related construction industry policy, and Goods and Services Procurement is responsible for the development and implementation of the ACT Government's Procurement Policy.