Affordable Housing Action Plan

The ACT Government is committed to making housing more affordable for all Canberrans.  The Affordable Housing Action Plan has been a key contributor in responding to housing demand, containing house prices and rent increases, and providing a welcome economic boost to the Territory.

Since the announcement of the nation leading Action Plan in 2007, the Government has accelerated the supply of land, introduced a requirement that at least 20% of all new estates include affordable housing, implemented programs to support affordable house and land packages, and introduced the innovative land rent scheme to reduce upfront costs for purchasers.

The Affordable Housing Action Plan has also tackled the problems of the provision of community and social housing, issues affecting homelessness, and ways to increase the supply of affordable accommodation for older Canberrans. 

ACT Government’s Affordable Housing Requirement - Indexation Method

The ACT Government’s requirement for the building industry to deliver affordable housing takes into account the constraints that impact on the industry’s ability to deliver affordable products to a particular standard. Full report below:

Affordable Housing Action Phase III

Phase III of the Affordable Housing Action Plan introduces a set of 14 new actions aimed at improving housing affordability in the ACT.  The key objectives of the plan are to increase the amount of affordable rentals, improve utilisation of land in established suburbs and expand the mix of affordable properties for sale.

New Affordable Housing Thresholds from 1 July 2016

A new affordable housing threshold system will be introduced from 1 July 2016. Under the new policy, there will be three separate thresholds based on the size of the property. The new system will maintain the requirement that 20 per cent of new homes within greenfield estates meet affordability thresholds.

The new affordable thresholds are;

  • homes up to 80m² will be subject to a threshold of $296,000;
  • homes between 81-105m² will be subject to a threshold of $348,000; and
  • homes larger than 105m² will be subject to a threshold of $382,000.

The new affordability thresholds will take effect from 1 July 2016, but will not apply to any land already offered for sale.

  • Select Action 8 on the contents page for more information: Introduce variable thresholds for affordable housing based on dwelling size.

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