ACT Government Infrastructure Plan


What is the 2013‑14 Update?

This website provides a 2013-14 Update to the ACT Government Infrastructure Plan 2011‑2021 (the 2011‑2021 Plan). A previous update to the 2011‑2021 Plan, was undertaken in 2012, and is also available at a link below (under the See Also heading).

The 2013‑14 Update to the Plan is a strategic planning document that provides an overview of key infrastructure projects that the ACT Government has funded through the 2013‑14 Budget or is considering funding over the next decade or so.

What’s new?

The 2013‑14 Update of the Plan incorporates changes in priorities and projects over the past year and includes budget initiatives from the 2013‑14 Budget. The mapping of infrastructure projects, which was a part of the 2012 update of the 2011‑2021 Plan, is now undertaken as part of the budget process.

Specific information on infrastructure investment is available in the 2013‑14 Budgetimg-icn-extlink

The map of infrastructure investment projects funded in the current budget for 2013‑14img-icn-extlink is available on the Treasury website.

The 2013‑14 Update of the Plan also recognises the important role the private sector plays in infrastructure provision. As such, significant non-government investment initiatives have also been included.

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